For Spring/Summer 2017, Bata Heritage tells the story of Japan’s famous little robot AstroBoy on its original canvas lace-up Tennis. The graphic black and white designs showcase the friendly character in different situations: the Atom Born style shows how AstroBoy was created, while the color-blocked Toe Face juxtaposes the robot’s wide-open eyes to the rubber toe cap. Flying City, the third style, features AstroBoy on the side of the shoe, swooping to the rescue. The AstroBoy x Bata Tennis collaboration will be available from early February at colettein Paris and Wise in Cremona, Italy.


AstroBoy is a science fiction manga featuring a humanoid robot named Atom, depicted as an elementary school boy who uses his miraculous 100,000 horsepower strength to fight evil and save the world. Created by Osamu Tezuka, AstroBoy first appeared serially in Shonenmagazine from 1952 to 1968. In 1963, the manga became the first commercial animated TV program airing weekly in Japan and starting the TV animation craze there. Tezuka’sprolific output, pioneering techniques and innovative redefinitions of genres earned him the name of ‘God of Manga’. Since the death of its founder, TezukaProductions has expanded the legacy and reach of its manga, including commissioning designer Hiroaki Ohyato launch ‘Astroboyby Ohya’in 1999, a fresh expression presenting messages from the world of Osamu Tezuka through the medium of fashion.


Bata was founded by Tomas Bata in 1894 in the village of Zlin, in what is now the Czech Republic. To fulfill his objective to "shoe mankind", Bata developed many shoe-making techniques and pioneered responsible capitalism. Company towns called "Batavilles”, which featured employee housing, schools and other facilities, were built across the world as the company expanded. Bata opened its Batanagarfactory near Calcutta in 1934 and first manufactured the Bata Tennis shoe there in 1936 for Indian school children to wear for their Physical Education classes. Over the decades, Bata has sold half a billion pairs of Bata Tennis shoes in India across all walks of life. The Bata Tennis range, part of the Bata Heritage collection, was relaunchedglobally in 2014. As a reference to some of the classic artwork designed at the time, the “Tennisman”has been resurrected as the emblem of the shoe. Today Bata remains a family business that serves one million customers a day around the world and maintains its focus on corporate responsibility. Even though it is a global company now headquartered in Switzerland, the brand caters to the unique local needs of customers in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where it is honored to be considered a trusted local brand.